About Nami

About Links By Nami.

Links By Nami is a black-owned e-commerce jewelry store established June 2019. Links By Nami specializes in handmade, affordable chain pieces. All the trendy jewelry-- catered to unique and stylish young adults-- is made by a young black woman in college. Pieces sold by Links By Nami include necklaces, belt chains, anklets, earrings, chokers, waist chains, bracelets, Croc customizations, and custom jewelry.





About Nami.

Hi! I am the owner of Links By Nami! I've been making jewelry since I was at leasr 10 years old, but I didn't think to start selling until I was 19. My goal with establishing Links By Nami was to bring affordable, durable jewelry to people my age. I'm huge on self-expression and fashion, and it's hard to place importance on them when you're spending on a budget. A link to my personal instagram is below; get to know me!