Jewelry Repair


If you live in the Athens or Douglasville area in Georgia, and are in need of a jewelry repair, please contact me via the contact page, email me, or direct message me on Instagram @linksbynami.

Please provide a description of the issue and include images. I will message you back as soon as possible, letting you know if it is fixable, how much It would cost, and where we could meet.



If you DON'T live in the local area, you can still message, dm, or contact me with a description and photo of the issue. I can message you back with solutions, videos, or even set up a Zoom/FaceTime call with a tutorial of how to fix it yourself. can also send a package of supplies to fix it at a small cost.

If you can't fix it yourself, you can always ship it to me and allow me to fix it at a small cost!